Hollow Knight

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what is there to be said about hollow knight that hasn't already been said? it's beautiful, it's challenging, its story is one of my biggest inspirations in video game design and narrative. i hadn't gotten into soulsbourne games before hk, and it's very possible this acted as a stepping stone to tackling games of that difficulty.

so far hollow knight is the first and only metroidvania i've fully played through. as someone who is not usually invested in the genre (twisting maps + no sense of direction = a hard time for wretched gamer), i surprised myself by completing not just the main campaign, but nearly all the bonus content. to this day, the only percent mark i haven't earned is colo five.

i love creatures, i love desolate ginormous hostile worlds, etc etc the bugs are having wars we cannot even fathom or imagine

Favorite Characters

  • Hornet
  • Knight
  • Isleda
  • Cloth
  • Stag

Favorite Creatures

Mask Maker