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a game i revisit every now and then whenever i have the itch to card game. the story is one that you can only really play once, but it was compelling all the way through - and kaycey's mod allows for a run whenever i want to just play a round. inscryption has a strong enough gameplay base that you could justify not having a story mode, but i'm glad they did - no surprise the dev behind pony island would go the extra mile.

----------spoilers below the line!-----------

much like another entry in the stampbook, buddy simulator 1984, there is a midway (mid-act in inscryption's case) gameplay switch. though in inscryption's case, i find it to be a little more superficial than buddy simulator's, i'm still a sucker for that kind of thing. the overarching meta plot with the card collector is cool and a little cheesy in the best way - ominous, omnipotent companies and apocalyptic logs documented through mysteriously uploaded videos remind me of creepypastas and online ARG web series (prommy that's a compliment).

in any case, i really, really respect any project that goes out of its way to create material of different mediums for its story. very cool to see video games like this and immortality doing more of that sort of thing!

as much as i enjoy kaycey's mod, i would love versions of 'endless mode' for the other acts, or even a multiplayer mode. there's only so much replay value with just act 1, and strategies boil down to picking mantis god and hoping for the best. if the dev is done working on the game, that's understandable! but i feel as though there is a lot of potential for expansion and i hope someone gives this game that love.

on the plus side, act 1 has leshy, who is everyone's favorite grandpa including mine. ily leshy <3

Favorite Characters

  • Leshy
    my favorite beebaw. all he wants is to play games and everyone is so mean to him.
  • P-03 this canonically divorced robit hates you and wishes you were dead.

Favorite Creatures

  • Long Elk
  • Ouroboros
  • Cat
  • Mantis God
  • Black Goat
  • Amalgam