8/2/23 - with the conclusion of artfight, i can focus back on the site! thank you so much everyone for your support. new additions:

will be updating the formatting on the latter as i work on it. in the meantime, why don't you check out the latest entry in my art gallery and the tweaks i've made in the code there?

7/8/23 - currently working on artfight revenges!!!!! i got so many more attacks than i thought i would at once . im gettin walloped overe here!!!!!

7/3/23 - was unhappy with the hypnOS theme, so did some changes and now am much more satisfied with it. more refinements on that to come. stay tuned!

6/25/23 update: added a link to my artfight profile! im gonna try to participate this year :-) no guarantee of how many pieces i'll be able to make, but hopefully it will help get me back into an art groove!

6/23/23 revamped the art gallery - now there is a central hub and it splits into different categories. the pieces have their own page tags so now they can be linked directly. the hub page has content marks so content that requires warnings can be displayed ^_^. new themes [evening] and [plain] have been added.

6/21/23 - revamped the themes again! now the theme will persist if you pick them (and if you have tracker blocking extensions turned off.) this site DOES NOT COLLECT DATA OTHERWISE!! but feel free to keep your extensions on if you dont mind the theme resetting when you refresh :-)!

6/18/23 added new themes for the main page and sitemap.

6/14/23 - revamped some stuff on the main page. now it should work on mobile!

also adding individual pages to the stampbook where each interest is elaborated on a little more, so far two pages are done. mobile links coming soon.

6/9/23 - added a "new" banner to display recently uploaded art. added a mood status display with some fun color variants. press those buttons!

4/29/23 - OCSPHERE UPDATE: ive set up modals that pop up when you click on the bubbles. limited information atm... but i'm happy i got the formatting done >:-) check out the update here!

4/10/2023 - update to the ocsphere page - instead of rotating divs characters r now separated in a lil menu. maybe less creatively laid out (rip fancy animations u_u), but DEFINITELY a lot easier to wrangle in terms of code. character names appear when you hover over the icons with your mouse. updates with character art and links to profiles are soon to follow.

does anyone have layouts for oc information that they feel are particularly inspired? link me!

4/5/2023 Updated my art gallery (still not done organizing and uploading yet, but there's a chunk on there now!), a button for linking back to my site, and my guestbook! Feel free to leave a comment ;-o

4/1/2023 - BROKE THE SITE MOMENTARILY but added my stampbook page!

3/29/2023 - added a working marquee to the clickable gramophone! also managed to get mobile formatting working somewhat, phew!

3/28/2023 i tried making a mobile version of the main page but boy is that a nightmare. might try again another day, or even make another html page/button for switching.

3/27/2023 - finished main part of homepage... still need to work on the sidebar, but very proud of how it all turned out :-)

3/26/2023 - launched site and officially started working on it. top half of main div is done, but still lots to go!